This was a fairly big task. No doubt about it, my room was a shithole. My mother probably would’ve passed out at the sight of it. Using the 20/10 method was a huge advantage in getting this project done. I had fun putting my own twist on the timing. Instead of using a timer on my phone or an alarm on my clock, I played episodes of Family Guy—they’re each roughly 20 minutes, and I’ve seen them all so many times that I don’t get distracted by them. When I’d hear the end credits of an episode, I’d sit down and rest for ten or so minutes, then push play on the next episode when I was ready to get back at it. 

I feel much more at home in my room now. It’s much roomier, and more conducive to getting work done. (After I finished unfucking, I took a break to finish the episode of Family Guy I’d started, then proceeded to bust out two tests, a lesson plan, and about seven discussion board posts for grad school. And I aced every bit of it.)

Thanks, UFYH!